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Office Blog

  • Sustainable Packaging Alternatives

    With consumer trends moving towards choosing eco-friendly products when shopping, it’s crucial that businesses embrace the trend. We give you alternatives to traditional packaging that are better for the environment, and your wallet.
  • Printing your own business cards

    Even though most of the world communicates largely through the internet these days, business cards still play an integral part in the business worl...
  • What to look for in a hole punch

    The most common hole punch is a three-hole punch, but there are also two-hole punches and punches that are adjustable from 2 to 7 punch heads to meet a variety of needs. Here's a few tips to help you choose the right one for you.
  • Commom problems in the workplace -- and what to do about them

    There are many problems in the workplace that affect your bottom line directly, but as these problems grow and cost more and more over time, they are not always apparent. 
  • Shredder Maintenance Tips

    Doing a little bit of routine maintenance on your paper shredder will keep it running at its peak performance, and prevent unnecessary wear on the motor. Regardless of the brand or type of shredder you have, these tips will keep your shredder running at its best, and help extend its lifetime.
  • Understanding paper weights and types

    There are many types of different paper weights and grades, each with its own specific use. When working on a print project, using the proper paper...
  • Letter openers

    Tired of papercuts? The world might be going digital, but there are still many places where traditional letters are a core component of daily operations. Automated letter openers can do the heavy lifting in companies that deal with large volumes of mail. There are also models available for smaller organizations.
  • Building a home office

    The right tools and a bit of know-how are all you need to build the ideal workspace.
  • The Pandemic Home Office

    When you think of a home office, you never think of a home business. A home office in a Global Pandemic really becomes an entire business facility....
  • Business financing made easy

    How can Business Funding Help You? Are you a new entrepreneur looking for the right funding solution for your business? Are you already seasoned in...
  • Smart growth strategies to help your business sail through a recession

    Economists may have different opinions about the growth of the global economy. However, one thing that all of them agree on is that a recession is on its way. With COVID-19 raging and the entire world being locked down under the threats of a global pandemic, the economic revolution has already taken a plunge.