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Martin Yale 7000E Heavy-Duty Tabletop Ream Cutter, 350 sheet capacity

Heavy-Duty Tabletop Ream Cutter 7000E

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The 7000E is a ream cutter that is great for schools, print shops and office mailrooms. The cutter has a heavy-duty wood base and a quick crank handle. It's equipped with a positive clamp that holds the stack of paper in place to avoid shifting and tearing, and it can cut stacks up to 12" wide and 1.5" high or 350 sheets of 20 lb bond paper. A safety blade latch that prevents cutting until released, as well as non-skid feet make the 7000E an easy choice.

Recommended use

in the office In the office

  • Sheet Capacity: 350 sheets of 20 lb bond
  • Max cutting length: 12"
  • Max cutting height: 1.5"
  • Max cutting depth: 12"
  • Paper Clamp: Yes
  • Electrical: No
  • Dimensions: 30" x 20" x 16"
  • Weight: 45 lbs
About the manufacturer

Martin Yale paper cutters and paper trimmers are the benchmark by which the rest of the industry is measured. If you're looking for a cutter that will give you the highest quality cut with more sheet capacity, these are the ream cutters for you.