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HSM Securio P36 L4 Micro Cut Shredder with CD Unit

Securio P36 L4 Micro Cut Shredder with CD Unit

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$5,990.00 CAD
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$5,990.00 CAD
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The HSM Securio P36 L4 Micro Cut Shredder is surely one of the best paper shredder in its class, offering everything a customer can wish for; from great shredding capabilities to a classy design, it has all. It can shred up to 15 sheets per pass and shreds at an impressive speed of 19.7 feet/minute, outputting 30 reams/hour, a veritable workhorse. Optical media shredder for Protected C media shreds at 18 disks/minute. can Its solid steel cutting blade is engineered to handle materials like paper clips, staples and even credit and store cards. The HSM P36 L4 users also experience much less fatigue while operating it due to its unmatchable features. Its Anti-Jam function automatically detects jams, which can then be fixed using the reverse button, saving loads of time. Built for office environments, its internal machinery makes no audible noise. Furthermore, users also need not worry about emptying the bin frequently, thanks to its large 38.3 gallon waste bin. Energy efficiency is another one of the P36 Micro Cut's specialties. Features like the zero-power standby mode and automatic shutoff lead to 90% energy being saved, which is phenomenal for any shredder.

The Securio P36 L4 shredder is a Canada government approved paper shredder, meeting DOD and NSA/CSS 02-01 and 04-02 security requirements. Your top secret data is safe with this paper shredder.

DIN security level
DIN 66399
DIN 66399 level P-5DIN 66399 level O-4DIN 66399 level T-5DIN 66399 level E-4DIN 66399 level F-2
DIN 32757-1
DIN 32757-1 level 4
Recommended use
in the office In the office
Cutting capabilities

Paper, staples and paper clips, credit and customer cards, CDs and DVDs

  • Cut type: Micro cut
  • Shred size: 1/16" x 9/16"
  • Max cutting capacity: 15 sheets
  • Throughput: 30 reams/hour; 18 disks/hour
  • Entry width: 13"
  • Shred speed: 19 feet/minute
  • Container size: 38.3 gallons
  • Replacement bags: Model PN630
  • Dimensions: 21.65" x 22.83" x 40.16"
  • Item weight: 150 lbs
About the manufacturer

HSM's high security P-7 document shredders have been specially developed to meet the needs of government agencies. These machines guarantee the highest level of security for the destruction of highly confidential documents and offer data protection for all applications in your department.

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