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HSM Securio AF 500 L5 High Security Shredder

Securio AF500 L5 High Security Shredder

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The HSM Securio AF500 L5 Auto Feed Shredder is a high-capacity document shredder which is perfect for high-end offices that need a combination of performance and security. It is installed with high quality components for durability and comes with remarkable specifications, making it the best among its class. This paper shredder has two simultaneously functioning feeds. The automatic feeder is designed to house a stack of up to 500 sheets and the manual unit can shred up to 5 sheets of paper in a single pass, throughputting 6 reams/hour. Both feeds feature a 9.5" wide throat to allow convenient shredding of commonly used paper sizes.

The AF500 L5 is equipped with hardened steel cutting rollers that obliterate paper to incredible small 1/32" x 7/16" micro cut particles. This ability makes this shredder a P-6 level security product. Besides this, this shredding unit features a continuous duty motor that is precision engineered to operate quietly to preserve a peaceful work environment.

The HSM AF500 L5 Auto Feed Shredder comes with several helpful technologies for an enhanced user experience. Its automatic feed unit can be locked using the Lock-and-Go function. This means that operators do not need to monitor the whole shredding process if they do not want anyone accessing the sensitive material being shredded. They can simply lock the feed using their USB and block access to everyone without that USB. The EcoSmart function is installed by HSM for optimized power consumption utilizes the energy-saving standby mode to save power and money.

The Securio AF500 L5 shredder is a Canada government approved paper shredder, meeting DOD and NSA/CSS 02-01 and 04-02 security requirements. Your top secret data is safe with this paper shredder.

DIN security level
DIN 66399
DIN 66399 level P-6DIN 66399 level F-3
DIN 32575-1
DIN 32757-1 level 5
Recommended use
in the office In the office
Cutting capabilities


  • Cut type: Micro cut
  • Shred size: 1/32" x 7/16"
  • Max cutting capacity: 500 sheets autofeed/5 sheets manual
  • Throughput: 6 reams/hour
  • Entry width: 9.45"
  • Shred speed: 12.8 feet/minute
  • Container size: 21.7 gallons
  • Replacement bags: Model PN631
  • Dimensions: 19.33" x 19.57" x 39.45"
  • Item weight: 59.52 lbs
About the manufacturer

HSM's high security document shredders have been specially developed to meet the needs of government agencies. These machines guarantee the highest level of security for the destruction of highly confidential documents and offer data protection for all applications in your department.

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