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Binatek BN320 Discriminator

Discriminator BN320

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$2,125.00 CAD
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$2,125.00 CAD
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The BN320 Discriminator has a compact design suitable for desktop installation. At a speed of up to 1200 bills per minute, and the hopper capacity capable of holding 600 bills, the BN320 makes quick work of your work.

The BN320 features multi-currency recognition, and reflection and transmission image detection. It's also capable of information storage and transference by SD card.

  • Speed: Variable (1200/800 notes/minute)
  • Maximum hopper capacity: 600
  • Maximum stacker capacity: 200
  • Batching options: Batching from 1 to 200
  • Document length: 3.94" to 7.28"
  • Document height: 2.36" to 3.94"
  • Feed: Fiction feed
  • Dimensions: 12.52" x 13.5" x 14.76"
  • Weight: 28.66 lbs
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