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Collection: Paper joggers

In offices, schools, churches, and organizations, handling mass amounts of paper is a common occurrence. A paper jogger is ideal for offices, copy shops, and other environments that deal with large volumes of paper on a regular basis. When handling paper and squaring it by hand, the paper stacks often ends up somewhat misaligned, which will interfere with finishing processes like binding or folding, where the misaligned paper can jam the machine.

A paper jogger is simple machine with a motor inside that vibrates a stack of paper in order to line up all the sheets while also reducing static, so the paper can be sent on to punching, binding, cutting, stapling, folding, and other finishing processes. The process is complete in seconds. A paper jogger is useful for aligning bills, invoices, and other correspondence to prepare them for mailing or inserting. Also works great in tandem with a letter opener, to prevent the contents from being sliced.

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